Academic Assistance and Accomodations

Our goal is that students should take responsibility for their own development and seek continuous improvement over the course of their careers. They should respond to constructive feedback from faculty and residents’ evaluations of their clinical skills and professionalism.

The School of Medicine provides academic assistance to students who have remediable academic difficulties.

Academic assistance includes tutoring, academic skill development counseling, and monitoring progress.

All academic assistance is coordinated through the Office of Student Affairs.


The School of Medicine collaborates with the Accessibility Resources & Service (ARS) Office in order to provide reasonable accommodations for medical students with disabilities, chronic medical conditions, a temporary disability or pregnancy complications resulting in difficulties with accessing learning opportunities.  All accommodations are approved through ARS and although you may be approved for testing accommodations, the nature of exams and assessments during your clerkship are different. Therefore, we ask that during the first week of each clerkship, students with approved accommodations should review the list of exams and assessments on the course website/Sakai page and contact the person listed below and list the exams and assessments for which accommodations are requested. 

            Asheville Campus Students    

            Gaye Colvin     828 407-2896


            Charlotte Campus Students   

            Helen Womack           704 446-9260


All Other Students      

            Deborah Ingersoll       919 843-6171


This information should also be sent to ARS accompanied by your specific request for accommodation.

ARS will determine reasonable accommodations and will work with each of the contact people to ensure the accommodations are implemented appropriately.

Students with questions about qualifying for accommodations should contact the Accessibility Resources & Service Office. In the first instance please visit their website, call 919-962-8300 or email


What is the Clinical Academic Resources Program?

Clinical Academic Resources (CAR) is a program to help students improve clinical, communication, and professional skills.  CAR provides counseling, resources, and remediation services for students in clinical courses.  Referrals can be made by students, advisor and faculty.  Additionally, students who meet certain performance criteria will automatically be referred.

What is the Competency Driven Support Program?

Any student who is underperforming in a clinical course in any competency will be advised as such by the course director, who will initiate an individualized Competency Driven Support Program for that student by submitting the appropriate request to Clinical Academic Resources.  The support plan will include specifics for remediation as well as a plan to assess if remediation has been achieved in the next course.


What is Academic Assistance?

Any student wishing to get help with study skills, test taking strategies or any other difficulty can contact our UNCSOM expert in educational psychology for help through the Academic Assistance Program.