Clinical Schedules by Site

This page contains general descriptions of clinical duties at each site. These duties are subject to change depending on the clinical schedule. Please check with your individual clerkship directors and coordinators at the beginning of the clerkship for your individual assignments. Please also review related links since they will provide information about clinical expectations for each of your clinical assignments. Also, this page provides links to specific Teacher-Learner contracts for various clinic settings.

Mountain AHEC in Asheville (3 students)

THe rotation is divided into three blocks: GYN Oncology, benign GYN, and Labor and delivery.  During the benign GYN and Labor and Delivery blocks, half days of OB or GYN clinics are incorporated.  This includes a procedure clinic where colposcopies and LEEPS are performed.  The details of the schedule will be entered into one45; please log in there for specific details.

Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte (6 students)

At Carolinas Medical Center students spend 3 weeks on the Obstetrics service, dividing their time among the High Risk Service, the ambulatory setting and the Nights Rotation.  They spend the remainder of the 3 weeks on one of two Gynecology services, either Benign Gynecology or Gynecology Oncology.

Wake Med in Raleigh (5 students)

Third year medical students will participate in a daily rotation of inpatient obstetrics, gynecologic surgery and ambulatory clinic.

General schedule overview This is the template used to create schedules at WakeMed

Wilmington (4 students)

The rotation is divided into 2 blocks:  Obstetrics and Oncology/Benign Gyn.  During the Obstetrics block, students will spend 1 week on L&D days, 1 week on Night Float, and 1 week in the outpatient setting.  During the GYN block, students will spend 2 weeks on the benign GYN servicce, and 1 week on the Oncology service.  

Chapel Hill (11 students)

Students at Chapel Hill will spend 2 weeks on one of three Gynecology services, either Benign Gynecology , Gynecology Oncology or Urogynecology.  They will spend 2 weeks in the outpatient setting rotating through a sampling of clinics, both in general obstetrics and gynecology and in subspecialty settings.  Their final 2 weeks will be spend on the Obstetrics service, one week on OB Days or the day shift and one on OB Nights or the night shift.  The links below provide general information.  Each student will receive a personalized schedule at orientation.

General schedule overview This is the template used to create schedules at UNC
Clinical schedule key This documents provides locations and times for all clinical assignments.
Resident page This link takes you to resident photos and emails.
Resident pagers (Webexchange) This links you to the hospital paging system.