UNC Vulvar Pain Clinic

What is Vulvar Vestibulitis Syndrome (VVS)?

VVS is a pain disorder of the vulvar region that is characterized by pain with intercourse and excessive pain on contact (e.g. tampon use, intercourse, pelvic exam).

The UNC Vulvar Pain Clinic

The Vulvar Pain Clinic at UNC Hospitals specializes in treating women with pain related to the vulvar region. If you would like to make an appointment, please call the NC Women's Hospital at 919-843-6727.

Research on Vulvar Pain

If you are interested in helping to advance the understanding of vulvar pain, please visit the UNC Pelvic Pain Research Unit's webpage for information on current research studies for which you may be eligible.

I am already a patient with the Vulvar Pain Clinic and need to speak with a nurse, what should I do?

Call 919-966-7764

Press 0 for administrative calls, issues with FMLA or other paperwork regarding leave time, or to reach Dr. Steege’s administrative assistant, Deborah Privette.

Press 1 for prescription refills

Press 2 for appointment scheduling

Press 3 to reach the surgery scheduler

Press 4 for Anne Shortliffe, RN, nurse for Dr. Steege, Dr. Siedhoff, and Dr. Moulder

Press 5 for Tracey Tomlinson, RN, nurse for Dr. Zolnoun and Dr. Hobbs

Press 6 to reach the hospital operator and have the OB-GYN resident on call pages for after hour calls.