Break Free From Pelvic Floor Disorders (PFDs)

UNC Pelvic Health at Rex Hosts Event to Educate and Empower Women to “Break Free from PFDs”

Take the Floor Break Free From PFDs 

Topics may include:

  • You’re not alone: Learn from leading physicians & specialists about PFDs
  • Real-World Before/After Stories: Hear from patients that have overcome a PFD
  • The 411 of Kegels: Learn physical therapy & wellness tips to strengthen the pelvic floor 

Presentations to be given by: 

Dr. Catherine Matthews
Dr. Elizabeth Geller

What? UNC Pelvic Health at Rex will host an educational event as part of a public awareness campaign to help women impacted by pelvic floor disorders (PFDs) and minimize any discomfort around having conversations about and seeking treatment for pelvic floor disorders. The campaign “Break Free from PFDs” aims to help women understand the facts about PFDs and empower them with information on how to pursue individualized solutions for improved quality of life. The campaign was launched by the PFD Alliance this fall.

Why?  New research issued by the PFD Alliance finds that 90 percent of Americans underestimate or are unsure about the prevalence of pelvic floor disorders (PFDs) which impacts approximately one in three women at some point during their lives. This means many women under treat PFDs and suffer in silence.



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