Resident Physician or Medical Student ?

What is the difference between a medical student and a resident physician?

  • Medical students have completed a college degree and are now enrolled in their third or final year of medical school.  When they complete their four years of training, they will receive their medical degree (MD).
  • Resident physicians hold medical degrees and are now licensed to practice medicine. They are in training to learn to become specialists in obstetrics and gynecology.  They work under the supervision of an attending physician.

How does having a medical student involved in my care benefit me?

  • You will have three professionals – a student, a resident physician, and an attending physician evaluating and caring for you!
  • Further, your participation in the education of future physicians guarantees that you will have direct impact on today’s medical care and the future of medicine!

Will I have to be seen by a medical student?

  • It is your choice to permit medical student involvement in your care.
  • Your decision will be respected with no negative consequences or penalty.
  • Please feel free to ask your doctor any questions you may have!