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Horizons Administration

Hendree Jones, Executive Director:  919-966-9803

Clinical Programs

To set up an appointment in the prenatal clinic:

Call 984-974-2131 and ask to be put in the Horizons Clinic

Carrboro Outpatient Program
Senga Carroll: 919-966-9803

Residential Programs
Marc Strange: 919-960-3775


And they’re not judgmental- That’s really nice- I mean I came in honestly and this is awful but I’ve relapsed on Thursday night and came in here on Friday morning and hadn’t hardly slept or anything and they were just like ‘oh my gosh, that is so great that you came’…-Had I come to any other place they would have been like ‘well, I can’t believe you did that-” You know? I wouldn’t have come back- -A Woman in the Horizons Program-