December 2010 - Highlights & Honors

Honors & Awards

Erica Berggren, MD was awarded an NC TraCS 10K award grant for her project entitled "Developing Methods to Improve Estimation of Gestational Age at Delivery Using the Carolina Data Warehouse for Health (CDW-H): Enabling the Use of Healthcare Databases for Drug Safety in Pregnancy Research".  

Pat Butterton, NP  has been appointed as the Vice-Chair of the Society of Gynecologic Oncologists Committee for Advanced Practice Affiliate Members.

Barbara L. Robinson, MD was awarded an NC TraCS 10K award grant for her project entitled "Influence of Stool Consistency, Urgency, and Obstetric History on Fecal Incontinence".


Eighteen UNC OB/GYN Doctors listed in Best Doctors 2011-2012 list:

John F. BoggessKim BoggessWendy R. BrewsterNancy C. ChescheirD. Clarke-PearsonWesley C. Fowler, Jr.
Marc A. FritzPaola Alvarez GehrigW.H. Goodnight IIIDavid A. GrimesCatherine MatthewsM. Kathryn Menard
John T. SoperAlison M. StuebeRobert StraussJohn M. Thorp Jr.Linda Van LeHonor M. Wolfe




From Our Blog

Special remote blog post from UNC's Dr. John Thorp from Malawi with Chancellor Thorp and others from UNC.

RT @Carolina_News: Medicine, music & meat (goat!) #UNC in Malawi report mentioning his cousin, UNC's Dr. John Thorp

"Optimizing Women's Health from Adolescence to Menopause " UNC OB/GYN course offered for providers in 2/11 More Info:

You prepare for vacation, right? UNC's Dr. Munoz shows us how to prepare for scheduled surgeries.

Pap smears: Who, when and how often? UNC's Dr. Rahangdale helps us with the answers to those questions.

UNC's Dr. Wanda Nicholson asks if we are forgetting about mothers in the fight against childhood obesity?

CA 125: A good ovarian cancer screen? UNC's Dr. Bae-Jump answers that question and much more.

UNC Hospitals earns national recognition for nursing excellence.

Did you miss UNC's Dr. Matthews on WCHL's "Your Health" this weekend? No problem listen here.

Nov 16 Rex Cancer Specialty Center hosted Ribbon Cutting for the center & Open House for the GYN Onc Clinic.

Recent study led by UNC's Dr. Steiner examines impact oral contraception has on hormone levels in obese women.


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