Across the nation and beyond, look to see where UNC presentations were given this month.

  • Benjamin Chi, MD
    Invited panelist at the 4th International Workshop on HIV Pediatrics (July 20-21; Washington, DC), in a Roundtable Discussion on Elimination of Perinatal HIV transmission.
  • Jeff Stringer, MD & Benjamin Chi, MD
    Stringer - served as a panelist for high-level panel discussions launched off a Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes supplement describing the accomplishments of PEPFAR thus far — and its future directions.
    Stringer & Chi -  contributing editors in that special edition about mother-to-child HIV transmission.
  • Elizabeth Stringer, MD
    Invited presentation on "Cancer, HIV, and women" in a symposia session at the 19th International AIDS Conference in DC entitled HIV in Women throughout the Lifespan.
  • Sarah Verbiest, DrPh, MSW, MPH
    Gave presentation at Clayton University in Georgia on Improving Women’s Health from a Life Course Approach. The conference was Georgia’s Preconception Health Conference.
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