Awards & Grants

The awards and grants that our department received during the month.


Jennifer Tang, MD has been selected as a 2012-2013 Fogarty Global Health Fellow for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill-Johns Hopkins University-Morehouse School of Medicine-Tulane University Fogarty Global Health Fellows program.

Anuj Suri, MD won the ASCO Conquer Cancer Foundation Merit Award for his abstract entitled: Factors associated with an increased risk of recurrence in women with ovarian granulosa cell tumors.
Authors: Anuj Suri, Neil Horowitz, Ebony Boyce, Sheri Denslow, Paola Gehrig


Gretchen Stuart, MD, MPH was promoted to Associate Professor.


Victoria Bae-Jump, MD, PhD, has received a two-year $200,000 grant from the Department of Defense, to study “Preclinical and Clinical Investigations of the Impact of Obesity on Ovarian Cancer Pathogenesis.”

Dr. Bae-Jump and her co-investigator, Liza Makowski, PhD (Assistant Professor, Department of Nutrition and UNC Lineberger faculty member), will study whether the metabolic and endocrine effects of obesity play a contributing role in the development of ovarian cancer, leading to biologically different cancers than those that arise in leaner women. They will conduct research to define characteristics unique to obesity-driven ovarian cancers using pre-clinical models and will assess whether two novel chemotherapeutic agents (i.e. metformin and mTOR inhibitors) have improved efficacy among obese patients with this disease.

Other UNC collaborators are UNC Lineberger faculty members Neil Hayes, MD, MPH, and Chuck Perou, PhD as well as Wei Jia, PhD, Professor, Department of Nutrition, University of North Carolina at Greensboro and Xiuxia Du, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Bioinformatics & Genomics, University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

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