October through December 2015

Highlights and Honors from October, November and December 2015

Grants and Awards
Faculty honors in October, November and December 2015.
OB-GYN returns to NC from Zambia to find similar health needs in her own backyard
Recent Global Women's Health fellow and School of Medicine alumna Nancy Hancock returned to North Carolina to use her intense training in international medicine in service of the people in her home state.
Presentations given by our faculty as individuals or in groups in October, November and December 2015.
Where our faculty research appeared in October, November and December 2015.
Sharing skills to save more lives
With only one physician in Malawi trained to perform the surgical procedure required to treat cervical cancer - radical hysterectomy - women died in large numbers from the disease. Our UNC OB-GYNs came up with a way to change that.
Social Media
How our faculty and department were represented in social media in October, November and December 2015.
STUDY | Prenatal exposure to cadmium associated with increased risk of preeclampsia
The findings highlight the potential impact of exposure to toxic metals such as cadmium on adverse pregnancy outcomes.
Top Gynecologists Oppose FDA Ruling on Minimally Invasive Procedures for Uterine Fibroids
Two UNC physicians have joined other leading experts across the country in asking the Food and Drug Administration to rescind or revise its decision.
UNC OB-GYN in the News
Our faculty appearing in the news media in October, November and December 2015.