Nicole Fanarjian

"I feel extremely fortunate to have completed the TECT program."

Nicole Fanarjian click to enlarge Nicole Fanarjian, MD

I split my time between two healthcare settings--one is a healthcare system (the VA) and the other a non-for-profit clinic (Planned Parenthood). In both settings, I teach residents and medical students. I strive to practice evidence-based medicine while considering healthcare costs. At the VA, I've been involved in several regional and national initiatives aimed at addressing the health needs of female veterans. At Planned Parenthood, I've helped to establish a family planning rotation for the University of South Florida ob/gyn residents.

UNC has one of the best public health schools in the country. The TECT fellowship allowed me to engage with learners across departments and get research feedback from fellow trainees.

I feel extremely fortunate to have completed the TECT program. During my time in CH, I had the good fortune of learning from David Grimes and Joanne Garrett. David helped me translate inchoate ideas into fully formed research questions and Joanne helped me analyze the results.

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