Christie M.J.L. Cooksey

"UNC has a special collaborative spirit."

Christie M.J.L. Cooksey click to enlarge Christie M.J.L. Cooksey

The TECT fellowship was crucial in teaching me how to critically appraise the medical literature.  Prior to obtaining my MSCR, I was more of a blind believer in the articles that I read.  I have both a greater appreciation of the work that goes into research, as well as an enhanced understanding of the limitations of each study type.

UNC has a special collaborative spirit.  There is an utter lack of competition between residents, fellows, and faculty and the entire department is unified in its goals to give good care and educate trainees.

My mentors were spectacular.  They were more than willing to carve out time from their own schedules for meetings, manuscript reviews, and clinical guidance.    

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