National Prominence for UNC Genetic Counselor

Michael Osborne joined our department this summer. He brings with him an enthusiasm for the field of genetic counseling and recently participated in national outreach events.

National Prominence for UNC Genetic Counselor click to enlarge C. Michael Osborne, MS

As a recent graduate, Michael is actively involved in the National Society for Genetic Counselors' (NSGC) Student and New Member Special Interest Group.  His role within this group is outreach; specifically, he is the leader of the outreach task force within the Student and New Member SIG.  This group has created and administered over 30 presentations (throughout the country) related to the field of genetic counseling.  The mission of the group is to increase the awareness of the field of genetic counseling, in the hopes that they will recruit a highly qualified and diverse group of future genetic counseling applicants.

As part of the outreach task force, Michael was also involved in planning an outreach event for local high school and college students at this year's NSGC Annual Education Conference held in San Diego, CA.  During the trip, the group recruited approximately 100 local students.  These students came to the conference hotel and directed questions related to genetic counseling to a panel of 15 practicing genetic counselors.  The students were also escorted to many activities/plenary sessions throughout the day.  Overall, the event was a tremendous success.  Many of the student participants have already contacted Michael to ask additional questions about genetic counseling.

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