Lonna Mollison

Lonna Mollison
Undergraduate Institution: North Carolina Central University
Email: lmolliso@email.unc.edu
Department: Genetics and Molecular Biology
PI: Lillie Searles
Research Summary: Our lab is interested in understanding how the cell monitors and degrades aberrant RNA transcripts that could prove to be deleterious to the cell. To understand this process we employ the use of the model organism Drosophila melanogaster. Our protein of interest, Suppressor of sable (Su(s)), has been shown to be an RNA binding protein that negatively regulates its targets. One of the major goals of my project will be to take a transcriptome wide approach to identifying novel targets of Su(s). Secondly, I will also delineate which of the two RNA binding domains present in Su(s) mediates the interaction with these novel RNA targets.