Esteban Terzo

Esteban Terzo
Undergraduate Institution:

Bachelor's: Universidad Nacional de Rio Cuarto (Argentina)

Department: Genetics & Molecular Biology
PI: Bob Duronio
Research Summary: The function of cellular genomes is to transmit and express genetic information. To do this, genomes coordinate highly organize and dynamic nuclear structures that orchestrate regulated gene expression. How this occurs is a fundamental biological question that remains unanswered. The expression of specific genes is possible by virtue of the assembly of complex molecular architectures known as nuclear bodies. Although we have already begun to understand some of the roles that nuclear bodies play, how these structures assemble and how they contribute to gene expression remains unknown. To test how nuclear bodies assemble, my research is focused on a nuclear body that localizes to replication-dependent histone genes called the Histone Locus Body, or HLB. The primary goal of my work is to dissect the signaling pathway that controls the HLB assembly phenomenon by using the fruit fly (Drosophila) as the model organism of choice.