Kira Chelberg

Kira Chelberg
Undergraduate Institution: University of Tulsa
Department: Chemistry
PI: Dorothy Erie
Research Summary:

I conduct structure-function studies of the initiation of human mismatch repair proteins to damaged DNA using Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM). Specifically, I am interested in elucidating the mechanism by which human (h) MutSa recognizes and binds damaged or mispaired DNA and recruits hMutLa to signal for the downstream events of Mismatch Repair. I use AFM to closely examine the specficity of binding of hMutSa to the mispaired DNA, stoichiometries of hMutSa and hMutSa-hMutLa complexes on this lesion, and how the shapes of these complexes change with the inclusion of various adenine nucleotides (such as ADP, ATP, and ATPgS).