2014 Cohort

Trainees Who Entered the Program in 2014

Sabri Abdelwahab Sabri Abdelwahab Molecular & Cellular Pathology Global Discovery of the Airway Exosomes Proteome and miRNA in a Mouse Model of Cigarette Smoke-Induced Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Salma Azam Salma Azam Genetics & Molecular Biology Characterizing a Potent Angiogenic Target of the miR-200 Family and Discovering Novel MicroRNAs that Regulate Tumor Angiogenesis
Emma Bowers Emma Bowers Toxicology Epigenetic Alterations Associated with Air Pollutant Exposure
Phillip Clapp Phillip Clapp Toxicology Title coming soon!
Nicole Flemming Nicole Fleming Molecular & Cellular Pathology Title coming soon!
Laurel Kartchner Laurel Kartchner Microbiology & Immunology Title coming soon!
Brooke Matson Brooke Matson Cell Biology & Physiology Midregional Pro-Adrenomedullin as Biomarker of Preeclampsia
John Runge John Runge Genetics & Molecular Biology Exploring Genomic Crosstalk Between Chromatin Remodeling Complexes
Adam Speen Adam Speen Toxicology Effects of Wood Smoke Particles on Influenza-Induced Nasal Inflammation in Normal Volunteers