About Us

The primary function of the OIA is to develop programmatic structure and support for UNC medical students and resident physicians interested in global health. The OIA will run a regular interdisciplinary course in Global health (GLBE 210/401 - Foundations in Global Health) and support students and UNC resident physicians doing independent global health electives and selectives by assisting with issues of faculty advising, educational objectives, registration for credit, travel health and safety information, and funding possibilities. The OIA will provide guidance to student-led initiatives in global health formally supported by UNC, including: International Health Forum, Honduran Health Alliance, and Proyecto Puentos de Salud in Mexico.

The OIA provides organized educational sessions on global health topics, and practical planning and funding of international health electives. The OIA maintains a database for tracking and evaluating international placements and reports these activities to the School and the larger campus community.

The OIA also works with student affairs to improve the experience of international students working at UNC and with residency directors to promote international experiences for residents.

The Office of International Activities in the SOM seeks to foster collaboration and cooperation with broader initiatives in global health and education at UNC, including the Institute for Global Health and Infectious Disease, the Office of Global Health in the SPH, and the University Center for Global Initiatives. UNC OIA takes an active role in membership of the Global Health Education Consortium (GHEC) including assistance with development of training materials, considering formal incorporation of global health into medical school curricula, and presentation at workshops and programs.

The office is staffed by a Program Manager, and a global health resource area is available for interested medical students and residents to use. Our hope is that the OIA will become a hub for global health activities within the SOM.

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