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MS1 Summer Research Opportunities through Institute for Global Health & Infectious Diseases!
Applications must be sent electronically by November 23, 2015 to Irving Hoffman (hoffmani@med.unc.edu) and Martha Carlough (martha_carlough@med.unc.edu)
UNC Global Passport Drive NOv 17-18
Dec 2nd Dr. Carlough discusses Global Maternal Health
Dec 11- Friday Morning Conference Series: ART Prevents HIV Transmission: Where Do We Go from Here?
Accepting applications for the 2015-2016 Medical Horizons Fellowship!
Now Accepting Applications! 2015 Med Student International Fellowships
Refugee Health Initiative (RHI) accepting volunteers
OIA announces the FIRST Resident Global Health Scholars Program!
Vital Signs announces Global Health Scholars!
5/27 Dr. Montgomery presents "A collection of cases from Malawi"
IT Security Tips While Traveling Abroad
OIA Enriches Med Students’ Education
Physicians for Human Rights student group assist N-648 clinic
Call for Abstracts! 2016 Yale University Global Health & Innovation Conference
Dr. Myers begins role as Office of International Activities’ Associate Director, Africa Focus
Justin Myers, DO, MPH, assistant professor of Emergency Medicine in the Division of Global Health and Emergency Care, has been named an associate director in the School of Medicine’s Office of International Activities. He will focus his efforts on OIA’s work in Africa.
OIA launches the Global Health Forum
Refugee Health International accepting student applications
Nov 3rd, 8am “Diarrhea in Nicaragua in the rotavirus vaccine era.”
MS1 Summer Research application-UNC Institute for Global Health & Infectious Disease
Nov. 15th at 12:15pm See Dr. Iglesias speak about her work in Nigeria
11/17 OIA Global Health Forum hosts Dr. Patel-Nguyen to discuss her recent work with refugees in Greece
NC Triangle Global Health Consortium revives engagement!
Information and Resources Regarding Executive Orders on Immigration
Duke Global Health Film Festival- Health Visions: Americas Feb. 17, Feb. 27-March 5, 2017
2/16 OIA Global Health Forum: Dr. Ross Boyce speaks about careers in GH
Pediatric Global Health Simulation (Photo Gallery)
Food Drive for Local Refugees: Saturday, March 24 10am-4pm
Global Health Electives Provide Lessons in Patient Advocacy, Health Equity, Humility
(MS1) Planning and Implementing Summer Research Studies in Global Health
April 20th OIA Global Health Forum welcomes Dr. Carl Bose
Refugee Health Initiative Receives Robert Bryan Public Service Award
Aug. 25, 2017: 2nd Annual North Carolina Refugee Health Conference: Challenges & Opportunities
OIA Annual Highlights 2016-2017
2017 Annual Triangle Global Health Conference Registration
We are pleased to announce that registration is now open for the 2017 Annual Triangle Global Health Conference! Register now for early bird rates!
UNC Global Health Happenings: Summer 2017
Bill and Melinda Gates- Goalkeepers Reports
"We are investing all our resources in the fight. But that doesn't mean every dollar spent on development has maximum impact. And that must be our goal."
Application Deadline: 11/30 MS1 Summer 2018 Infectious Disease Application
First Year Medical Students, Are you interested in working at UNC international partner sites and alongside faculty conducting global health research during the summer of 2018?
Getting the Most out of your Global Health Elective
Getting the Most out of your Global Health Elective
Check out this Powerpoint to help you get prepared for your rotation abroad!
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100 Objects That Shaped Public Health Worldwide
From the Obscure to the Everyday, These Objects Tell the Story
Make Displaced Doctors Feel at Home
In a world of 22.5 million refugees and counting, retraining displaced medical staff is a necessity, writes Vural Özdemir, MD. But the “inherently political” process has led to a patchwork of approaches, some smarter than others.
A Frightening Monopoly
There is more funding than ever to tackle HIV/AIDS across the globe—but it’s coming from fewer and fewer sources.
Palliative Care in Rwanda is Making Progress
Currently, 40 million people worldwide could benefit from palliative care and yet less than 14% receive it.
Weekly Bulletin on Outbreaks and Other Emergencies
This Weekly Bulletin focuses on selected acute public health emergencies occurring in the WHO African Region. The WHO Health Emergencies Programme is currently monitoring 48 events in the region.
Ebola Survivors Still Immune to Virus after 40 Years
People who beat infection in 1976 can make antibodies against Ebola today.
Uganda: Here is Why Your Teens Might Need Contraceptives
Social marketing is increasingly being embraced in dealing with public health problems which require behavioral change worldwide
Yellow Fever cases are up to the highest levels in decades
Between January 2016 and December 2017, seven countries and territories of the Region of the Americas reported confirmed cases of yellow fever
Darkness Looms for Gaza Hospitals
An electricity shortage in Gaza threatens to darken hospitals by the end of next month, the WHO warns, unless funding for emergency generators comes through.
Uncovering Advantages of the Typhoid Vaccine
The first conjugate vaccine for typhoid—Bharat Biotech’s Typbar-TCV®—offers significant advantages over previous vaccines, including the need for fewer doses and its use in children under the age of 2
Immunization is Contagious
Rotavirus immunizations are now standard in 93 countries with the help of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, and countries’ laudable efforts to expand coverage
WHO Launches Global Burn Registry
The WHO launched the first global platform to standardize data collection from burn victims—welcome news for efforts to advance burn treatment and prevention priorities.
Cohen discusses 2018 outlook on infectious disease
Myron Cohen, MD, Director of the Institute for Global Health and Infectious Disease, was among a panel of experts interviewed by MedPage Today about anticipated issues in the field of infectious disease in 2018.
Fighting for Dirty Water
During Mozambique’s unforgiving dry season, the limited water available is unpotable and risks spreading disease
UNC Institute for Global Health & Infectious Diseases Global Health Post
HIV Matters Podcast Explores Treatment, Prevention and Cure
The Pandemic Everyone Fears
If humanity is lucky, the next flu virus with pandemic potential will unfold in a country with a strong public health service and well-stocked hospitals, able to swiftly contain the threat.