Going Abroad this summer? Attend GO! on Saturday, April 5th

If you are traveling internationally this summer, we strongly encourage you to attend the GO! Orientation.  Several of the sessions will focus on global health.  Please see the information and links below!  Register by April 4th at noon, attend on April 5th  10am-3pm

In the nuanced and intricate world of global healthcare, understanding the balance between making an impact and doing no harm is complicated. The GO! Initiative will help you learn about the challenges faced by other students who completed healthcare oriented projects abroad, you’ll network with country hosts and experts over lunch, and gain hands-on skills on topics such as Ethics of Research by Dr. Gail Henderson or the healthcare plenary with Katherine Turner from the Gillings School of Global Public Health.

Registration is open and the conference is free - breakfast and lunch will be provided.

GO! Global Orientation on Culture + Ethics Conference

April 5, 2014 | FedEx Global Education Center, UNC

Free – Register Now at unc.edu/go

Other Workshop Sessions and Seminars Include:

1)      Health, Safety and Culture:
Successfully juggling the tensions

2)      Students Providing Healthcare Abroad:
How Students Can Best Have Life-Changing and Respectful Global Experiences

3)      Ethics of Research

4)      The Power of the Camera: Responsibilities and Ethics of Using Photography in Global Contexts

5)      "Traveling While _______":  Race, Ethnicity, and the Bodies We Bring with Us

6)      Doing No Harm and Measuring Our Effectiveness Over the Long Term

7)      When Yes Means No

8)      Traveling to a Post-Conflict Society

9)      The American Cliche: Traveling and Studying with Cultural Sensitivity