UNC Resident Global Health Journal Club

What?     Interdisciplinary journal club for UNC resident physicians and fellows interested in global health

When?   Tuesday,  August 26th ,  12-1PM

Where?  Women’s Hospital Conference Room 4 (WH Room 60172)

Topic:    Ebola: Background, Outbreak, and Clinical Outcomes

The article can be found here:

McElroy, A. K., Erickson, B. R., Flietstra, T. D., Rollin, P. E., Nichol, S. T., Towner, J. S., & Spiropoulou, C. F. (2014). Ebola hemorrhagic fever: novel biomarker correlates of clinical outcome. Journal of Infectious Diseases, jiu088.

Food and Drinks will be provided.

Print out the flyer and share this with your colleagues

If you have any questions please contact Sam Hawes (OIA Program Manager, shawes@med.unc.edu, 919-962-6195), Dr. Martha Carlough (martha_carlough@med.unc.edu, 216-0464), Dr. Sylvia Becker-Dreps (sbd@email.unc.edu) or Dr. Ian BK Martin (ian_martin@med.unc.edu)