International Visiting Student Evaluation

Thank you for participating in the UNC School of Medicine International Visiting Students program, and choosing to do your international rotation at our institution!  The information you provide will allow us to improve our program and processes for future students.  Please take a few minutes to fill out this evaluation and feel free to email us with additional comments ( Thank you!

Shay Slifko, Program Manager

1. How did you hear about the University of North Carolina School of Medicine? Check all that apply
2. Who did you FIRST contact at UNC regarding an elective at UNC School of Medicine? Please list name of first contact
3. How did you contact them?

4. After making your first contact with the Office of International Activities (OIA), did you receive a prompt response?

5. In general, was the correspondence you received from the OIA courteous and helpful?

6. Do you feel that you had adequate contact with the OIA prior to your arrival?

7. Do you feel that you were provided with adequate information about your elective(s) prior to your arrival?

8. Do you feel that you were provided with adequate information about life in Chapel Hill prior to your arrival?

9. What additional information would have been helpful for you to receive prior to your arrival in Chapel Hill?
10. Was your initial meeting with the OIA pleasant and friendly, and did you feel that they spent enough time helping orient you?

11. Overall, do you feel you received adequate support from the OIA while you were in Chapel Hill?

12. How did you secure housing for your stay in Chapel Hill?
13. If you found housing through the housing list shared by the OIA, did you find it to be acceptable?

14. How would you describe your interactions with the faculty, attending, and residents?

15. Did you find the UNC medical students to be helpful and friendly?

16. How did you interact with UNC students?   Check all that apply
17. Knowing what you know now about your elective, would you have chosen the same elective(s)?

18. If you have participated in electives at other US institutions, how did the application and paperwork for your UNC elective compare to the other institutions?

19. Overall, how would you rate your UNC School of Medicine experience?

20. Overall, how would you rate your UNC School of Medicine experience compared to your experience at other US institutions (if you did electives at other US institutions)?

21. Do you feel that the application and registration costs for an elective were fair and reasonable in comparison to other institutions (if you did electives at other US institutions)?

22. Would you recommend our program to your fellow students at your home School of Medicine?

29. Was this your first elective in the U.S.?  

33. When you applied to the International Visiting Student Program, were you accepted on your first review by the committee?  

35. Did you come to the OIA welcome dinner with the other international visiting students?  

36. Do you plan to try and match/apply for residency at UNC?

Thank you!  We want to be continually evaluating and improving our program to better serve international students.