Welcome to the OIG


The UNC Ophthalmology Interest Group (OIG) was founded in 2002 to educate UNC medical students about the opportunities in ophthalmology for student learning, research, and career exploration.  The OIG also works hard to promote medical student interactions with ophthalmology faculty and residents. 

Medical student interest in ophthalmology has greatly expanded over the past few years, and two new organizations have been created: SHAC-Ophthalmology Clinic (SHAC-OC) and SHAC-Ophthalmology Outreach.  The OIG works closely with these organizations to provide a comprehensive experience for medical students interested in ophthalmology. 


The OIG holds lunchtime and evening meetings. Topics include ophthalmology as a career, applying to residency, information about subspecialties, as well as other topics of interest. In 2008, OIG  began ophthalmology clinic training sessions and coordinated shadowing opportunities in the UNC Eye Clinic for medical students. Specific meeting dates will be announced as the year progresses.



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