UNC Ophthalmology Residents' Fun Facts!


Though medical students get some exposure to UNC ophthalmology faculty through classes, rotations, the OIG, SHAC-OC, and SHAC-Ophthalmology Outreach, sometimes it is good to get a resident's perspective on the field and find out a little bit more about why they chose ophthalmology.  Please feel free to email any of the below residents with questions about their choice to go into ophthalmology.

Fun facts about several UNC Ophthalmology Residents:

Hart Moss, M.D.Hart Moss

1) Where did you grow up? Milwaukee, WI

2) Where did you go to college/medical school?  University of Wisconsin at Madison

3) Why did you choose ophthalmology?  I love the combination of clinical medicine and surgery; eye pathology has always been interesting to me and I've also been struck by how grateful patients are for their eye care.  It is very rewarding to be able to help people preserve or improve their vision.

4) Why did you choose UNC for residency?  My goal for ophthalmology residency was to get a very well-rounded experience clinically.  I was also impressed with the surgical curriculum training and how confident previous residents have felt going out into practice after graduating from UNC.

5) What have you found surprising about ophthalmology, now that you are a resident?  I was surprised by how rapidly the field of ophthalmology is changing in just the few short years of my residency.  It's made me realize how important it is to not just learn current concepts and procedures, but to also develop the confidence to continue to teach yourself and push your own boundaries.

6) What kind of practice do you plan on having after residency, if known? Cornea fellowship to follow residency

7) What year of residency are you in? PGY-4