Web Development Services

Web development and more is provided by the OIS Web Design/Development Team. OIS provides faculty and staff with consultations, website design/development, graphic design/illustration, workshops, access to multimedia equipment, and support to further the School of Medicine's commitment to educational excellence.

Curricular-based support for the School of Medicine faculty and staff is a free service provided by OIS. Non-curricular-based support is provided at reasonable fees. For more information about services provided by the OIS Web Design/Development Team, please visit their website.

Services and Fees


Flat Rate

Hourly Rate

Web Consultation, Development, or Maintenance   $80.00
Designing Web-based Instructional Modules   $80.00
Web Image/Graphics Creation and Editing   $80.00
Graphic Design for Off-line Media   $80.00
Illustration Work   $80.00
Note: All fees are subject to change. Listed fees are effective as of July 1, 2007.