Accessing the AIS mainframe with your FACS ID

Please Note: In order to access the AIS mainframe, you must have a valid FACS ID. University employees who wish to receive access to University administrative data should contact their department's FACS Coordinator and request a FACS ID be setup for them. Once you have received a valid FACS ID, refer to the instructions below to set up a connection to the AIS Mainframe.

Accessing AIS using a secure client
Configuring Host Explorer to access AIS
SecurID cards and SecurID exemption

Accessing AIS using a secure client:
To access the AIS mainframe, you need to telnet through a secure client. Begin by downloading the Campus approved secure client, Host Explorer, from the University Software Acquisition Site. You will need your onyen and password in order to download this software. After you have downloaded and installed the software, you will need to download a patch for Host Explorer, located on the same site. Host Explorer will not work without this patch.

Download and installation instructions for Host Explorer can be found here.

Configuring Host Explorer to access AIS:
Once Host Explorer has been properly downloaded, double click on the Hummingbird Neighborhood icon on your desktop, and select New Host Explorer Profile from the list of icons.

Under the New Terminal Session Profile window, make sure that the Terminal Type is set to 3270. Under Host Name, type the server name for AIS,, and click OK.

In the next window, under Profile Name, type AIS, then click on Save to confirm the new Host Explorer profile.

The new profile will now be listed in the Hummingbird Neighborhood. Right click on the profile, and select Properties.

In the Session Profile window, under Settings Groups, double click on Terminal, then click on Mouse. On the right hand side, under Function, click on Move-Cursor-Cursor-Select, then click on the Set button. This procedure activates the "light pen" function in AIS.

Next, under Terminal, click on Keyboard. Uncheck the Ignore NumLock state box, then click OK. This procedure allows you to use the number pad while in AIS.

After editing the Session Profile, you will be back at the Hummingbird Neighborhood window. Right click on the AIS profile, and select Create Shortcut. In the Browse window, select the Desktop folder and click OK. You have now created a shortcut to AIS on the desktop. Exit the Hummingbird Neighborhood window.

SecurID cards and SecurID Exemptions:
When you connect to the AIS Mainframe, you may get a window that prompts for a passcode:

The passcode required is provided by a SecurID card. The SecurID card is a hand held device, the size of a credit card, that generates a six digit passcode displayed in an LCD window. This passcode, in conjunction with an eight digit personal identification number (PIN) assigned to the SecurID Card, is required to establish a connection to the AIS mainframe. For more information on SecurID cards, please refer to ITS Security.

You can request to be exempt from using SecurID cards. Requirements for exemption are listed here. There are no exceptions to these requirements. If you feel a machine qualifies for exemption, please contact OIS Client Services at 966-1325, and we will submit a request for SecurID exemption on your behalf. Please call with the following information ready:

  • IP address, Physical Address, and Host Name of the machine. To learn how to find this information, click here.
  • Building and Room Number
  • Employees full name, Title, and Department