Set Up Exchange Mail on Blackberry Enterprise Service

Access your UNC Exchange account on a Blackberry with an Enterprise Service plan.

Mobile Device Requirements

Blackberry devices must have a corresponding Blackberry Enterprise Service (BES) plan with the user's wireless provider. Many personal Blackberry devices will have a Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) plan by default. Users will need to contact their wireless provider to have their data plan changed to a BES plan. There may be an additional charge from the wireless provider for this change.

Placing an order

Faculty/Staff - (To place an order, please contact your local departmental support, business office, or a person who can place orders for your office.)

When placing an order, please provide the following information from the end user.  You can either add the information to the comments field when placing the order in ITP or email the below information referencing the ITP order number.

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Onyen
  4. UNC Email Address


A UNC Exchange email account is required, once your order has been processed you will receive an email within 24 to 48 hours from the UNC Exchange Team with activation instructions.


Once your device has been added to the Blackberry Enterprise Service system you will receive an email with device configuration instructions. A sample welcome message is below:

John Doe,

Welcome to the UNC Exchange Blackberry Enterprise Service! If you have not done so already, please contact your wireless provider to make sure you have a BES plan. This service will not work with the Blackberry Internet Service (BIS). The instructions below will activate your device on the BES server and you will be receiving mail, calendar and contacts shortly.

To activate the Blackberry on the BES:

  1. Go to the Options screen and then select Advanced Options.
  2. On the Advanced Options page, select Enterprise Activation.
  3. Enter your published e-mail address (look up at; for most users, it is
    1. Note: Some users may need to use for this field, instead of their published address.
  4. Enter your activation Password.
  5. Leave the Activation Server field blank.

Activation will take up to 15 minutes. If you are in an area with poor wireless signal, the activation can take longer. Please make sure you have a charged battery and a good signal before beginning activation.


Documentation modified from UNC-Chapel Hill Help and Support.

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