I received a message from the Administrator saying my mailbox was over quota. How do I manage my quota?

About email quota:

School of Medicine LDAP email users have a 20 megabyte limit of email storage space. Exchange users, those users in the Department of Medicine that access their email via Outlook, have a 50 megabyte limit of email storage space.

When you receive email messages and attachments and store them on the server, you add to your server space. If you do not manage this space, eventually you will reach your limit. When you reach your mailbox limit, you will stop receiving email messages, and a notification will appear in your mailbox warning you that you are over quota and must delete old mail, empty your trash or increase your email quota.

Recommendations to help you manage your email server space:

  • Save email attachments on your personal computer and delete the server version.
  • Empty your trash and sent folders frequently.
  • Redirect your sent mail from your server space (imap.med.unc.edu) to local mail which is stored on your personal computer.
  • LDAP users can use the Webmail interface to troubleshoot quota problems. Log into webmail and click on the Options tab to check your current mailbox quota, or use the Folders tab in webmail to see a breakdown folders and their size. You can also sort messages in each folder by size and delete the large messages to bring your quota down. For more information on webmail, refer to the following publication: How do I access my email or calendar from off campus using webmail?
  • Exchange users can see a breakdown of their folders by logging into Outlook, right clicking on "Outlook Today-Mailbox...", and selecting Properties. Click on the Folder Size button to view the list of folders on the server and the amount of space each folder is using. (Please note: Folder sizes are displayed in kilobytes, not megabytes. To find out how many megabytes your folders are consuming, divide the total kilobytes by 1000. Remember, Exchange users get 50 megabytes of quota!)
  • Increase your mailbox quota.

Increasing your mailbox quota:

LDAP mailbox quotas can be increased by 50 megabyte increments. To increase your quota, call Client Services at 919-966-1325 or submit a request using our online Service Request Form. You will need to have your department number and departmental account number in order to request more storage space. There is an OIS monthly charge of $10.00 per 50 megabytes of additional space requested.

Exchange email quotas can be increased only with departmental approval. To request more exchange storage, please contact OIS Client Services at 919-966-1325.