What is an Onyen?

Onyen is the name for the user id you use to gain access to various electronic resources offered by the Information Technology Services (ITS) group on main campus. It is an acronym for the "only name you'll ever need." Your onyen is used for many things, including accessing software on the University Shareware site, registering for classes, finding out your grades, or accessing the Main Campus calendars.

For more information on your Onyen, or to reset your Onyen password, please refer to the following Main Campus site: http://onyen.unc.edu

If you are experiencing problems accessing Main Campus resources, or for any other problems with your Onyen, please call the IT Response Center at 962-HELP.

Please note: OIS offers Onyen password resets as a service for users in the School of Medicine. Requests must be submitted in person with an acceptable picture ID at the OIS Client Services walk-in office in MacNider Hall, Room 065 (M-F 9am-4pm).

If you are off campus and require an Onyen password reset, please contact the IT Response Center at 962-HELP.