How can I set up an email filter?

Setup an email filter:

The School of Medicine webmail system includes a message filter which, when setup, will filter messages as they come in to folders as defined by the user. This filtering will happen even if you use another email client such as Outlook or Thunderbird to read your mail.

To set up a mail filter, begin by clicking on the options tab in webmail and on the link for "Mail Filters":

                                              Webmail Email Filter image 1.jpg

Next, click on the "New" button to create a new filter:

                                              Webmail Email Filter image 2.jpg

Now, you can start defining rules for your filter. Typical rules include sending a message to a certain folder if it has a certain subject or sender, or deleting a message if it contains certain words such as Viagra.

                                              Webmail Email Filter image 3.jpg

You can set up a filter based on multiple conditions by using the Add Condition button:

                                              Webmail Email Filter image 4.jpg