OIS Initiatives

Current Initiatives

School of Medicine Firewall

The School of Medicine is committed to providing users with a secure computing environment. We take multi-tiered approach to protecting the network and use several tools:  Laptop Encryption, Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection (SCEP) and Network Access Controls (NAC). In 2014 our focus will be on implementing a hardware Firewall for the School of Medicine.

The School of Medicine needs to protect all School of Medicine computers from incoming unwanted internet traffic from both external and internal sources.  The School will accomplish this by using the hardware Firewall to filter internet traffic for all School of Medicine devices.

We have completed and assessment of the School of Medicine network and have started migrating departments behind the firewall.

Read more about the Firewall Project and how it will impact you.

Windows XP End of Support

On April 8, 2014, Microsoft will end all support for Windows XP. Continuing to use a Windows XP computer will create a security risk.

If you have a Windows XP machine connected to scientific equipment which cannot be upgraded or replaced please enter and out of compliance request for this device.

If you have any other Windows XP computer and have not made plans to replace or upgrade it before April 8 contact you Department IT Technician or OIS Client Services.

Ongoing Security Initiatives

The above initiatives are part of a continuous program of security measures to protect the School of Medicine network, devices and the data. For more information about these initiatives please visit the following pages:

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager gives OIS and other IT personnel within in the School of Medicine the ability to manage desktop computers more proactively. IT staff can provide reports that show which computers have out of date software, operating systems, security patches etc. and gives staff that support these devices the ability to update them quickly without having to go to each individual machine.

School of Medicine Website Enhancements

OIS is continuously working to improve the School of Medicine Website. Enhancements include:

  • A modern and clean design
  • Flexible design – site owners and designers will have a great deal more flexibility to customize the layout of their pages
  • Adaptable websites – the web pages can be accessed from multiple browsers
  • Responsive websites – the website has been optimized for all types of devices, desktop computers, high resolution screens, tablets, and smartphones

For more information on this project please visit the School Of Medicine Web Guide page

Recently Completed Initiatives

    Classroom Audio-Visual Upgrades

    In 2013, OIS upgraded the audio-visual equipment in three heavily-used rooms, MacNider 321, Bondurant 2020 and Bioinformatics 1131 Theater. New projectors were also installed in 12 classrooms. The upgrades will not only provide a much improved in-class experience but also provide the ability to conduct video conferencing, and improve the quality of online lecture videos.