School of Medicine Firewall Project

What is a Hardware Firewall?

A hardware firewall examines each piece of network traffic coming into to the School of Medicine and determines, based on pre-determined rules, whether that piece of traffic should be allowed through to its destination, a desktop computer, server, printer or other network attached device.

Why do we need a Hardware Firewall?

We are doing this to help protect us from the constant and growing threat from cyber attackers trying to access personal information and intellectual property

What is involved?

All devices that are connected to the network will need to be updated and configured in order to have access and share data across devices on the network.  OIS has interviewed all the departments in the School of Medicine and completed assessments of all networks. We are currently working with departments to migrate them behind the firewall as quickly as possible.

All School of Medicine Users

If you are running any kind of server (e.g. in a Lab) and have not spoken to OIS, please contact the OIS Firewall Team as soon as possible for assistance on how to prepare of this project.

Departmental IT Staff

    1. Inventory the devices in your area - make sure you know:
      1. How many out of compliance desktop computers and servers you have. These are devices that run on OS that are no longer support by the manufacturer e.g. Microsoft XP SP2 or for servers that have Qualys level 4 or 5 vulnerabilities
      2. How many and where your printers are located
      3. How many and what non-workstation devices - such as network attached storage
      4. How many and what server and server like devices you have and who owns the device
    2. Enter an out of compliance requests for Scientific Equipment connected to out of compliance desktop computers
    3. OIS will contact you when we are ready to migrate and will work through the tasks involved in migrating your department behind the firewall. 

The diagram below shows the current and after state for a department:

Firewall Before After

When is this happening?

The planning and pilot for this project was completed in December 2013. The implementation of the Firewall will be by department and is taking place throughout 2014.

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