Reference Material

IPIAssistance for our OIS Classrooms is available by using the Help Desk intercom on the wall or podium. The Classroom Support Help Desk is staffed between 7:00 AM and 5:00 PM with limited assistance available during the hour before and after that period. If you need help troubleshooting outside of that period or would just like to familiarize yourself with the equipment in the rooms, you may utilize the resources below.

Classroom Guides

The following guides apply to the control systems and equipment found in the classrooms.

  • Generic AMX Touchscreen Control
    • These controls are in larger classrooms in Bondurant Hall and the auditoriums of MBRB. They feature a large touch screen with a small preview window of the PC.
  • Bondurant Hall Wall Control Panels
    • These controls are in smaller classrooms and meeting rooms in Bondurant Hall.
  • Classroom Specific Control Systems
    • Bondurant 2020: Crestron Touchscreen with camera control and manual source routing.
    • Bioinformatics 1131: Cretron Touchscreen with camera control, lighting control, and manual source routing.
    • MacNider 321: Extron Touchscreen with camera control and video conference control.
    • Old Clinic Auditorium: Crestron Touchscreen with video conference control and lighting control.
    • Marsico Hall xx02: Extron Mini Touchscreen Panel.
    • Marsico Hall xx04 Medium: Extron Touchscreen with video conference control.
    • Marsico Hall xx04 Large: Extron Touchscreen with video conference control.
    • Marsico Hall xx17: Extron Wall Control Panel.

How-To Videos

Click here for videos on how to use some of our standard rooms.

Software Guides