Requirements for Microsoft Lync/Skype for Business Meetings

Full Lync Software (UNC Affiliates Only - requires an ONYEN)

When arranging a Lync meeting, UNC participants may opt to use the Microsoft Lync software which is included with Microsoft Office 2013. The 2010 version is also available via the UNC Shareware site (requires ONYEN login), though the features and interface are slightly different with the 2010 version.

Requirements for Lync WebApp (Anyone)

Additionally, there exists the Microsoft Lync WebApp which can allow both UNC participants as well as participants not affiliated with the university to join the meeting from a supported web browser.

Always RequiredThe Microsoft Lync Web App allows people to attend meetings or view presentations right from their browsers.

Additional Requirements
(Features that are not commonly required for silent viewers of presentations)

  • Microphone (for voice)
  • Web Camera (for video)
  • NOTE: To transmit audio or video, please be sure that your microphone and/or video is not muted (as depicted here: )
    • Also, note that the if you have multiple microphones, it will use the microphone that is set as your default device. Please configure the microphone you will be using before joining the meeting.

Joining the Meeting

Please see our Getting Connected guide for more information about joining the meeting.