Per our User Agreement, users of HeelStream are required to obtain appropriate consent when recording persons not affiliated with The School of Medicine, or when recording content containing sensitive information, including Protected Health Information (PHI), copyright material, or Intellectual Property. Below are links to the School of Medicine forms for this purpose. These forms are provided for the convenience of the users only. Obtaining consent and maintaining those records is the responsibility of the user.

If you obtained prior consent using a different form (i.e. you are using previously recorded content containing sensitive data), the form must clearly permit the School of Medicine to publish, store, and broadcast the sensitive information. If you are not sure that your own consent form provides sufficient coverage for using our service, or if you have any other questions, please contact Instructional Media Services at

Consent Forms

  • General Recording and Release Form: Presenters or others being recorded (except audience) not affiliated with the School of Medicine could sign this recording and release form or your own form with equivalent coverage.
  • Patient Release and Authorization Form: In cases where media contains a patient's Protected Health Information, or a patient is speaking about their condition as part of the media, this form or your own form with equivalent coverage must be signed and submitted prior to uploading content.