School of Medicine Websites are moving to WordPress!

School of Medicine IT and the Communications Team are excited to announce that all School of Medicine websites will be moving from Plone to WordPress beginning in September 2017. The Web and Application Development teams will be by your side to assist you with this transition.

We chose to join up with the main campus ITS WordPress environment in a cost effective and collaborative move to share campus resources.  School of Medicine sites will use the “White Coat” theme, a child theme of the Heelium theme that is the default for UNC WordPress sites. This child theme was developed by our teams specifically for the School of Medicine. The goal of this migration project is a system transition, not a complete design overhaul. As such, the look is similar to what we have now, with a few changes and enhancements that we hope you will enjoy.

We understand that this is a major undertaking and rest assured that we’re here to support you during this migration. The web team will continue to provide you with the services you’ve always enjoyed from us (training, support, etc.). Please note that requests for SOM websites should still come through our team, even though sites are hosted by ITS.

Updates will be posted to this site in the coming weeks about timelines and training. Please begin reviewing your site for out-of-date content that can be deleted prior to the migration. 

If you would like to be on our early adopter list, please complete this form and we'll contact you with more details. If you have concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly via

Below are some samples of potential layouts using the "White Coat" theme:

Basic Science Landing Mockup      Clinical Department Landing Mockup    Clinical Department Internal Mockup