Three different scales of synthesis:


40 nM, with a total DNA amount of     0.3-0.5 mg/ 20-25 bases

0.2 µM, with a total DNA amount of     > 1 mg/ 20-25 bases

1.0 µM, with a total DNA amount of     2-3 mg/20-25 bases

HPLC Purification

We provide a special service for purifying oligonucleotides by a reverse-phase >Cartridge system. When researchers want to have relatively longer oligonucleotides or pure oligonucleotides for mutagenesis experiments, we recommend Cartridge purification. The maximum oligonucleotide size is around 100 bases. We provide the liquid DNA solution in TE buffer after Cartridge purification, deprotection, and quantification.

Special Synthesis

Modified or labeling oligonucleotides are available, including degenerated bases, uridine base, inosine base, and variable 5' or 3' modified oligonucleotides. We also synthesize 5' biotin-labeled oligonucleotides and fluorescent oligonucleotides for TaqMan probes and Molecular Beacon probes.