Navigating Connect Carolina to View Your Financial Aid


Step 1: Log on to ( with your active ONYEN and password to Connect Carolina Student Center.

Billing/Refunds (see note below in box about bills) – We anticipate refunds will be available mid-August

The transition to the new ConnectCarolina student system is almost complete. Fall 2010 will be the first term that will be administered through the new system. For all terms prior to Fall 2010, please continue to access the current student system.

For questions regarding registration, please contact the School of Medicine Registrar's office.

Notice About Billing: Your fall tuition bill will be sent to your UNC email account in July. Paper bills will no longer be sent.  Check your UNC email account this summer!

It is your responsibility to tell your parents or any other person who helps pay your tuition that a bill is ready to be viewed and paid in ConnectCarolina. Failure to pay or defer the bill by the due date may result in late fees, interest, registration cancellation and/or holds.

For more information: ConnectCarolina E-Billing

  • Student Central is your gateway to grades, financial aid and student accounts for the Spring and Summer 2010 and prior terms.
    • Financials: View Financial Aid


Step 2:  Reduce/Decline Award –

Stafford loans will be offered and accepted automatically.  So I encourage you to do a budget and make adjustments to your award.

Step 3:  Complete “Financial Aid To Do List”

Step 4:  Complete Entrance Loan Counseling Session and Direct Loans Promissory Note

You must complete both entrance counseling and master promissory note.   Although you may have borrowed loans in previous years, you are considered a first time borrower with Direct Loans; therefore must complete the entrance loan counseling session.

Note:  Medical School Address – What does this mean?  If you have documents that need to be submitted to the medical school we’ve provided the medical school address in the “To DO” list. This was added since Scholarship and Student Aid address is hardcoded on the “To Do” list although all forms should be submitted to our office.

Step 5:  Click to complete counseling session and the Master Promissory Note

You will need your 4-digit PIN to log in. (Same number used when you completed your FAFSA)


NOTE:  If you are doing something other than the standard curriculum, your award may need to be adjusted.  If you are attending or returning from School of Public Health, there are some issues in getting your career plan changed to the actual school you should be enrolled.  We are working to get this issue resolved.