Rights and Responsibilities



  • Right to prepay any federal loan (including Stafford, Perkins, PLUS or consolidation loans.)
    • No prepayment penalty on federal student loans.
    • You may at any time (including while you are in school) make payments towards the loan or pay more than what is required.
  • Right to contact your servicer and request that your term be shortened or that your repayment plan be changed at any time (likely during or after residency).
  • Right to request the lender reduce or postpone payment through a deferment or a forbearance if you are experiencing financial difficulties.

It is important to note that YOU must be proactive to exercise the above rights, your lender will not reach out and remind you of them!


  • Your primary responsibility is to pay back your loans on time.
  • Payments are required whether you receive a statement or not.
  • You must notify your servicer(s) of any address changes.

The good news...as long as you are enrolled more than half-time, many of these responsibilities will not be relevant until you separate or graduate from medical school.