School of Medicine Scholarships (Need-Based)

The Financial Aid office itself awards only these need-based scholarships to medical students, not merit-based.  There are no separate applications, students simply must demonstrate financial need via an up-to-date FAFSA and must submit parental financial information to be eligible.  Therefore, it is recommended that all medical students fill-out an annual FAFSA, regardless of anticipating the need to apply for loans, in order to be eligible for these need-based scholarships.  The number of these scholarships awarded as well as the amount an individual award will be depends upon the funds available, the need of the individual applicants, and the number of applicants qualifying for financial assistance.

Listed below, please find examples of endowed scholarships available to our students through the Medical Foundation of NC, Inc.:


The Financial Aid office does not award merit-based scholarships to UNC medical students.  These are awarded by various national organizations (see below) and even those within UNC such as the Medical Alumni Loyalty Scholarships. The Financial Aid Office does send out periodic email reminders regarding the scholarship options below, as well as new scholarship opportunities as they arise.

Outside Scholarships

Joseph Collins Scholarship
Amount: $10,000
Deadline: March 1st
Info:  The foundation was formally established on April 18, 1951, as the result of a bequest by the late Dr. Joseph Collins, pioneer in the field of neurology, with the stated purpose of aiding needy medical students to achieve an adequate education without sacrificing all other interest in the broad fields of learning.   Dr. Joseph Collins was born in Brookfield, Connecticut on September 22, 1866.  After attending the University of Michigan, where to earn his way, he was obliged, in his own words “to turn to teaching in district schools,” he received his M.D. at New York University in 1888.  He subsequently did postgraduate work in Germany, France, Italy, and England.

Eligibility Requirements for Application:

  1. The applicant must be a student attending an accredited medical school geographically located east of or contiguous to the Mississippi River.  Applicants who are students in any other medical schools should not apply.
  2. The scholastic record and standing of the applicant; except in most unusual cases, he must stand in the upper half of the class.
  3. A demonstrated interest on the part of the applicant in arts and letters or other cultural pursuits outside the field of medicine.
  4. An indication that the applicant intends to consider specializing in neurology, psychiatry, or becoming a general practitioner.
  5. Evidence of good moral character of the applicant.

Dr. Grover W. White Scholarship
Amount: $1,500
Deadline: March 2
This scholarship program is funded by an endowment at the Community Foundation of Gaston County and services as a lasting memorial to the late Dr. Grover W. White, a respected Urologist in Gastonia for 33 years.  His family purposely chose the geographic are involved in the program as a gesture of respect for his hundreds of patients and their families as well as friends whose gifts helped establish the endowment.   The amount of the initial scholarship shall be $1,500.  Recipients are eligible to apply for renewal.  Applications must be received by March 2.  To receive renewal, the recipient must maintain high academic standards satisfactory to the selection committee.  The scholarship amount and renewal policy is subject to change based on availability of funds.

Eligibility Requirements for Application:

  1. The applicant must be a resident of Gaston, Cleveland or Lincoln County, North Carolina or York County, South Carolina who will attend an educational institution in North or South Carolina.
  2. The applicant must be seeking an advanced degree in a medical related field; i.e.MSN, or Nurse Practitioner, MD, DDS, PA, PT, must already hold a bachelors degree or higher with a 3.50 GPA minimum, and must be attending or have been accepted at an appropriate school for the chosen field at the time of application.

National Health Service Corps (NHSC)
Amount: Variable (based in large part on the cost of educational expenses)
Deadline: June 13
This program provides scholarships to train health care professionals in those disciplines and specialties most needed to deliver primary health care services in health professional shortage areas in the United States.   Scholarship recipients will receive a monthly stipend payment, and an amount for other reasonable cost, e.g., books, laboratory cost, disability insurance, etc.  In addition, the NHSC Scholarship Program also pays tuition and required fees to the training institution on behalf of the recipients.

Eligibility Requirements for Application:  To receive an NHSC scholarship, you must be a:

  • U.S. citizen or U.S. national
  • Full-time student at an accredited school, pursuing a degree in:
    • Medicine (MD or DO)
    • Dentistry (DDS or DMD)
    • Nurse practitioner
    • Certified nurse-midwife
    • Physician assistant (in primary care)

National Medical Fellowship (NMF)
Info: Started in 1946 with Franklin C. McLean, M.D., Ph.D., who was a visionary in medical education. Dr. McLean was accustomed to breaking "new ground," first as a founding medical director of the Peking University Medical College in China and then as the first chairman of the department of medicine of the University of Chicago's teaching hospital and head of the University of Chicago Clinics. Dr. McLean was acutely aware of the paucity of "Negro" doctors who were trained in the medical sub-specialties. Determined to effect change in this area, Dr. McLean and a group of colleagues formed Provident Medical Associates; an organization that provided opportunities for subspecialty training to doctors on staff at Provident Hospital in Chicago. This organization would later become National Medical Fellowships, Inc.

The Turkish American Doctors Association of Midwest
Amount: $1,000
Deadline: Dec 15th
Info:  The Turkish American Doctors Association of Midwest is a voluntary medical organization founded in 2005.  One of the missions of TADAM is to establish enhanced academic interaction among Turkish-American Physicians in the Midwest states and the United States.   The current goal of TADAM is to award two scholarships of $1000 a year to medical osteopathic and/or dental students.  These funds come from contributions and from TADAM’s fundraising dinners and social activities.

Eligibility Requirements for Application:  To be eligible to apply, the applicant must be a first, second, third or fourth year medical, osteopathic or dental student at the U.S. medical osteopathic or dental school.  Application form can be downloaded in PDF format on TADAM’s website.  Supporting documents needed to complete your application:

  1. Letter  from Dean of Students verifying good standing.
  2. Two letters of recommendation.
  3. Applicant’s personal statement including career goals.
  4. Applicant’s current CV-Curriculum Vitae.  Be sure to include education, research activities if any, employment and extracurricular activities.  Credit will be given to those with research projects relating to health care of the Turkey.

 Pisacano Scholars Leadership Program
Amount: $28,000
: March 1st
Info: The Pisacano Leadership Foundation (PLF) seeks to advance family medicine by providing well-educated, community-minded leaders in primary care.  By aiding students who demonstrate the highest levels of commitment to family medicine, scholarship, leadership, character, interpersonal skills, and community service, the PLF will promote the development of the future leaders in the specialty.

The Pisacano Scholars Leadership program is designed to provide educational programs, leadership training, and funding to reimburse a portion of medical-school-related debt.  Scholarships will be awarded to outstanding medical students for a four-year period.  Students who have made a commitment to the field of family medicine and who will enter their fourth year in medical school in the fall of 2012 may apply.  The PLF will award scholarships with a maximum value of $28,000 each for the 2012-2013 academic year.

Award: $5,000 Stipend, $2,000 Travel Allowance
Info:  The MMSAP provides funding to medical students to engage them in the study of hematology and to help them attain valuable knowledge in the field through completion of a summer research experience and attendance at the ASH annual meeting.  The MMSAP includes both research and mentoring components.  Participants receive a stipend to complete an eight- to 12 week summer research project with a research mentor.  The mentoring begins during the application phase and continues throughout medical school and residency.  In addition to the mentoring, students receive a variety of immediate and long-term benefits, including:

  • A $5000 stipend
  • A travel allowance of $2000 for attending the ASH annual meeting
  • Complimentary subscriptions to Blood, the official journal of the Society
  • Networking opportunities at the ASH annual meeting with members of the Society’s Committee on Promoting Diversity and leadership, NIH representatives, and other trainees
  • Experience presenting research to 200+ attendees
  • The guidance of a research and career development mentor