Letter of Good Standing

A Letter of Good Standing (also called "Certification of Enrollment and Good Standing") states that a student is currently enrolled in the University of North Carolina School of Medicine; gives the current year (i.e. MS1, MS2, etc); and concludes by saying that a student is in good standing. The anticipated year of graduation is included only if requested. It takes approximately three (3) business days from the time you request a Letter of Good Standing to complete the letter.

Student Affairs must have a signed consent form in order to issue a Letter of Good Standing. A request communicated by email, voice mail or telephone is not adequate. The consent form must state the desired request (i.e. a Letter of Good Standing), its purpose, where it should be sent or if it will be picked up, the student's ID#, and year of graduation. Most importantly, the consent form must be signed by the student. Such letters cannot be written for a student if there is a "Stop" on the student's account.