Step 1 & Step 2 of the USMLE Boards

Step 1 of the boards is taken after your second year of medical school before you start your 3rd year. The staff of Student Affairs will conduct a meeting in November of your second year to explain the process for Step 1. At this meeting, the staff will “walk you through” the application and explain the process to you. The School of Medicine supplies the picture ONLY for Step 1.

Step 2 is taken after your 3rd year of medical school. You will need to download the application from the USMLE web site. You can do this online and pay with a credit card. You will need to download the page of the application that includes a space for your 2x2 picture. Our office only supplies the picture for Step 1.

The Registrar’s office always needs to certify that you are enrolled as a student. We will process your application and have it ready for you to pick up within 3 working days, as long as there are no stops on your account.

If you are out of town and cannot get to our office, 1001 Bondurant Hall, to pick up your application, anyone can pick it up for you. If you are out of town and need it mailed to you, so that you can mail it to the boards, you will need to include a stamped self-addressed envelope.

Please refer to the School of Medicine’s policy pertaining to taking and passing the boards. It is required that you take and pass both steps of the board before you can graduate.