Careers in Medicine

Our career counseling program, coordinated through the Office of Student Affairs, has evolved into a longitudinal approach that largely parallels the structure of the AAMC Careers in Medicine (CiM) . Our career counseling program and is designed to help students assess their values, interests, talents and needs; to help educate students on career options; to help students become knowledgeable about medical specialties; and to help students implement sound decision-making skills regarding specialty selection. Our program features college advisors, career goal advisors, and the CiM program, supported the Office of Student Affairs, and aims to meet the various, diverse and often changing needs, interests, backgrounds, and personal choices of each individual student, resulting in a multi-faceted approach to career development and exploration.

The Advisory College Advisors play a central role in providing career counseling across all years by helping students to choose electives, identify faculty members to shadow and with whom to discuss career interests, locate career exploration resources, evaluate their specialty interests and choices, and guide and monitor student progress as they apply to residency programs. Beginning in 2010-22, the advisors co-author the Medical Student Performance Evaluations (dean’s letters),

Career Goal Advisors are faculty members with expert knowledge and experience in helping students plan their fourth year, identify and apply to residency programs, and ultimately match into a residency position.

View Specialty Focus as a complement to the Career Goal Advisors.  Print the Specialty Encounter Form for the Specialty you are interested in, learn how competitive your are, view Career Goal Advisors, and explore your desired specialty in detail.

Careers in Medicine is “a career planning program designed to help you choose a medical specialty and select and apply to a residency program.” Available online to medical students, CiM is a valuable collection of assessments and specialty data and information.