Career Goal Advisors

Career Goal Advisors can give you a glimpse into their specialty. They can provide information about the lifestyle, personal characteristics, the type of patient encounters, characteristics of physicians in the specialty, training/residency requirements, salary and issues facing professionals in the field. They can also be instrumental in assisting you with networking and giving you information about annual meetings, seminars, associations and professional resources.

Do some research on your specialty of interest to gather as much information as possible. Then begin to narrow down your options. Be sure to access the AAMC Careers in Medicine website for specialty information then look at AMA FREIDA on-line at to gather information about the training program, the length of training, program size, work and education environment and compensation.

Once you have done your own investigation and you still have questions, arrange a meeting with one of the Career Goal Advisors to provide you with additional information on the specialty you are considering.

  • First contact:
  • Kelly Bossenbroek To make an appointment contact Reid Jonhson at 919-966-3106
  • Narges Farahi To make an appointment contact Patty Neff at 919-966-3125
  • Tommy Koonce  To make an appointment contact Linda Allred at 919-966-2415
  • Anne Mounsey To make an appointment contact Reid Johnson at 919-966-3106
  • Beat Steiner To make an appointment contact Carolyn Joines at 919-966-2824