Summer 2013 Carolina Medical Student Research Program Awardees

The Office of Medical Student Research would like to recognize the medical students who will be funded for summer research through the Carolina Medical Student Research Program!

National Institute for Diabetes & Digestive & Kidney Diseases


Buck, Ben

Butler, John

Campbell, Megan

Cotton, Cary

Courchesn, eMichael

Dilley, Josh

Dinizo, Danielle

Finch, Alex

Gammons, David

Hailey, Claire

Hilkey, Christina

Hnat, Andrew

Hodges, Edward

Kelley, Dana

Keichle, Eric

Lindsay, Christopher

Marchinkowski, Peter

Nugent, Julia

Orrey, Danielle

Palm, Robert

Pappa. Adnrew

Ravindranathan, Deepak

Stephenson, Elise

Vuong, Kim

    Med Alumni/Med Foundation

    Rakhmankuiova, Malika

    Mosby, Chad

    Naselsky, Warren

    Yang, Yi

    Daniel, Joylyn


    Office of Research

    Schointuch, Monica

    Cline, Joseph

    Oshea, Patrick

    Sista, Priyanka