Around Chapel Hill

There are places to go and things to do here in Chapel Hill and Carrboro in the summer.  Included are some helpful links to places you might want to go, things you might want to see and do.  Weekend travel? Consult the weekend bus schedule:


Eating Out:

For Delivery:




Music: and

Music & Movies:

Arts & Festivals:

Grocery Stores:

Carrboro Farmer’s Market: (Weekend Bus: CW)

Chapel Hill Farmer’s Market: (Weekend Busses: FG, DM)

Whole Foods Market: (Buses: C, D, DX)

Weaver Street Market , Carrboro: (Busses: CW, FG, J     Weekend Bus: CW)

Weaver Street Market , Southern Village: (Busses: NS, V   Weekend Bus: none)

Harris Teeter (MLK Rd): (Busses: NS  Weekend Bus: none)

Harris Teeter (W Barbee Chapel Rd): (Busses: V  Weekend Bus: none)

Harris Teeter (S Estes Dr): (Busses: FG, DM  Weekend Bus: FG, DM)

Food Lion (Fordham Blvd): (Busses: DM, CL  Weekend Bus: DM)

Food Lion (Jones Ferry Rd): (Busses: CM, J   Weekend Bus: CM, JN)

Fresh Market: (Busses: G, S, V , CCX  Weekend Bus: FG)