Frequently Asked Questions

What is the one45 system?

One45 is a web-based system for Medical School administrators, students, faculty (including those in the community), residents and program staff.  It is used to:

  • Manage your course and clinical rotation schedules.
  • Set up customized student assessment and program evaluation workflows.
  • Deliver course grades to students.
  • Distribute reports to decision-makers.
  • Create flexible patient case and procedure logs.
  • Help address accreditation requirements by maintaing data to address specific standards.
  • Facilitate the process of mapping curricular content and interfaces with the AAMC CurrMIT system.


Who uses the one45 system?

Medical School administrators; third and fourth year UNC medical students and UNC medical students in other years taking elective courses; faculty (including those in the community); residents and program staff.


What is the web site address for the UNC one45 system?


How do I log into the system?

If you are a UNC faculty or staff member, or a student, you will log in with your UNC ONYEN and ONYEN password.
If you are a community-based physician, faculty member or staff; a UNC hospitals or community-based resident, you will use an ID supplied by one45.
In some special cases, UNC students may also use an ID suppled by one45.


I tried that web site with my UNC ONYEN and I could not log in. Why?

Please note: Residents and UNC Hospital employees are no longer be able to log into one45 with the ONYEN. Contact for assistance.

All users of the one45 system must first have an account set up for them. All third and fourth year medical students should already have accounts. Rising third year students are usually added in March. Most UNC School of Medicine faculty who teach students, staff and program coordinators who support School of Medicine faculty and courses have accounts already set up for them.

If you think you should be able to log in but are unable, contact the one45 help list at: If you are a student who has privacy set on your campus directory information, you will need to contact us before you will be able to log into the one45 system.


I was a student at UNC and have an ONYEN, can I use that to log in?

In most cases, you must be a current UNC student, faculty (based on campus) or staff member to use your ONYEN.


I am not a a current UNC student, campus-based faculty member or staff, but I teach or work with UNC medical students. How can I access the system?

We have collected the names and email address for many of the community-based physicians, residents and staff who work with our students, so you may already have access to the system. If there is a staff member who works with medical student education, ask him or her. If not, you can email us.

If you received an email that you have a task to complete in the system, you already have access. That email should include login information or a link to log into the system.

If you do not remember your login, you can email us and we will generate a system email with that information.


I received an email that I have a task to do in the system, but when I log in and click the link, there's no form (or the page is very blank looking, with maybe a name on it)? What do I do?

You were set up within the system to distrubute forms. This is analogous to handing someone else a paper form. In this case, you will search for and add the appropriate evaluators (usually attendings, but sometimes residents), then match the students to the apprpriate evaluators by clicking the checkboxes, then execute the send. Here are some specific instructions.


I cannot find the people  (faculty, attending, resident) who need to receive forms , what do I do?

Email the one45 support list: to let us know. We will need (at the very least) the person's first and last names, and their email address. Please include the clerkship or course and the site where the person is located. Any additional contact information you can obtain is very helpful and appreciated