Login Instructions

UNC Students, Faculty and Administrative staff will access the one45 system through their UNC ONYEN and ONYEN password.

Please note: UNC Hospital employees and residents can no longer use their UNC ONYEN to log into one45. This is due to changes in the campus directory (over which we have no control). If this applies to you, please contact one45-support@listserv.med.unc.edu

Other users - community-based faculty and residents - will use an ID provided by the one45 system.

If you need to retrieve your login (non onyen) please follow these steps:

1.  Click the "Need help loggin in?" link on the one45 page

2.  Enter your email that is associated with your one45 account

3.  You should now receive an email with login instructions and a temporary password.  You will be able to change your password once you have logged in.