Core Facilities Advocacy Committee

Relationship between the Office of Research and the Core Facilities Advocacy Committee (CFAC)

The Core Facilities Advocacy Committee (CFAC) is chaired by Dr. Mike Topal, Assistant Dean for Core Facilities.  There are 5 major groups for core facilities: Animal, Biochemical, Clinical, Genomics, Imaging.  The majority of core facilities are designated to one of these groups.  The CFAC is composed of the Chairs of the 5 core group advisory committees, Mike Topal, Dede Corvinus and Annabelle Stein.

The CFAC is works with Core Directors and Core Users to ensure that core services can be provided in a timely fashion and at a reasonable rate.  The CFAC oversees distribution of central supplemental funds for the support of core facilities.  These funds can help with emergency and bridging needs, as well as small equipment or partial funding for large equipment.  An RFA for emergency, bridge, small equipment needs is generally sent out in April or May for requests for the next fiscal year.  The equipment RFA is generally sent out in July, with primary decisions funded in September.  If further funds become available later in the year, additional awards may be made.  Contact Dede Corvinus or Annabelle Stein for specific information on these applications.  Emergency funding formEquipment Request form When form is downloaded and opened in Adobe, it is a fillable form.

For more information on the Cores, see the Core Facilities Website.

Members of the CFAC:
Mike Topal, PhD; Chair
Joan Taylor, PhD; Animal Cores
Henrik Dohlman, PhD; Biochemistry Cores
Jonathan Serody, MD; Clinical Cores
Terry Furey, PhD; Genomics Cores
Ken Jacobson, PhD; Imaging Cores
Dede Corvinus, PhD
Annabelle Stein