DLAM Advisory Committee

Committee composed of faculty engaged in research and who can serve as a conduit for information to flow from DLAM to the faculty across campus and vice versa.

The DLAM Advisory Committee is composed of faculty from across campus who are engaged in animal models research.  The committee meets regularly with the Director of DLAM and DLAM vets to discuss DLAM needs and operational methods.  This allows DLAM to assess the impact of changes in per diem, daily operational routines, etc. on the research community before these changes are implemented.  Advice from the DLAM AC is regularly incorporated to lessen the impact of changes.  Conversely, the DLAM AC can bring faculty issues [both problems and successful solutions]  to the attention of DLAM.  Finally the DLAM AC is an advocate to senior UNC leaders on behalf of DLAM.  If there is something you would like to bring to the attention of the DLAM AC, please contact Dede Corvinus.